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Task 5 contents clarification (
In addition to Q/A No. 9… Task 5 specification in ToR is very general, so it is not fully clear (i) what do you want to achieve in the end and (2) how the tenderers shall contribute to this process. From the Q/A No.9, it is clear that harmonization strategy is expected, rather than harmonization itself, but could you please still explain a bit more the overall intention of Task 5? Both harmonisation and interoperability can be achieved on multiple levels i.e. rather technical (syntactic), thematical (semantic) or organisational (cross-domain). Could you please clarify which level shall be elaborated by tenderer as expected in such a strategy?
Task 5 aims at setting up products which allow the best possible interoperability with vegetation products from Copernicus global land ( The aim is to allow up and down scaling in between the different levels of products as well as ensuring thematic compatibility. Still this harmonisation shall not harm the quality of the products implemented with this open call for tenders. One of the most relevant aspects is the thematic harmonisation, i.e. products need to be interoperable. The details of how this is implemented is what is expected to happen in Task 5 (strategy), and this strategy might trigger some changes in the proposed implementation strategy. Tenderers are expected to propose an idea of how this could work.