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Broker Services for Advertising Related to Recruitment
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European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority (EIOPA)
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clarifications on submission of Annex I.F (resubmission)
thresholds - in light of previous answer, please how the assessment will be conducted as per table under point III.6.2 (Annex I) - (a) clarify why values under the columns 'Weight' and 'Total score' a different - should they not be the the same for each threshold level? ie 50 for first threshold and '50' used in the formula in the 'Total Score' column "s1=50*(a)" ; same comments for the remaining threshold levels - currently there is a discrepancy (b) under 'Total Score, what do (a), (b) and (c) refer to? is it the percentage we will provide in Annex I.F?
There is a clerical mistake in the Total score formula provided in the scoring table under point III.6.2. The total score will be calculated as follows: S tender = S1+ S2+ S3 , where S1 = 50*(a) S2 = 30*(b) S3 = 20*(c), and (a) = the percentage for the threshold “Up to 100,000” provided in Annex I.F; (b) = the percentage for the threshold “from 100,001 to 200,000” provided in Annex I.F; (c) = the percentage for the threshold “over 200,001” provided in Annex I.F. Please see the updated Annex I Tender Specifications.