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Please note: [16/05/2019] - The time limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate was amended. [22/05/2019] - The Instructions to Tenderers document was amended
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Evaluation of tenders
Hello! It is not clear how the experts will be evaluated. It is said in the Instructions that "Experts should be scored against the requirements stated in the Terms of Reference. For the evaluation of the key experts, the 80% will serve as a guideline. This means that when an expert is technically acceptable on a particular criterion (when he/she fulfils the minimum requirement for that criterion as it is described in the ToRs), 80% of the maximum score foreseen for that criterion will be allocated. If the expert exceeds the requirement described in the Tors for that criterion, a percentage between 81 and 100% of the maximum score foreseen for that criterion will be allocated, depending on by how much the expert exceeds the requirement. If the expert’s experience goes below the requirement described in ToRs for that criterion he/she will be scored accordingly, a percentage below 80% will be allocated, depending on by how much the expert’s experience is below the requirement." For example if the required experience is 15 years and the respective expert has 20 years how many points/percent he/she will achieve? Do you have some detailed evaluation levels/grids/steps? Please provide some more information because the above stated text is confusing.
It is clarified that the exact less or additional points, to the 80% of the maximum points to be scored for a given criterion, are up to the evaluation panel's responsibility following the thorough evaluation in a whole of each CV. The evaluation grid that will be used during the evaluation procedure is the one that was included in the tender dossier.