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European Commission, DG Migration and Home Affairs (HOME)
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Criteria - Call for Tenders - page 18
In the Call for Tenders, page 18, in the section A. Criteria relating to Tenderers, it is mentioned that the Tenderers must have expertise and a minimum of 5 years’ experience (as of submission date) in the activities enlisted for both the criteria to be fulfilled. We would like to have a clarification on the interpretation of this requirement and on the supporting evidence to be submitted by the Tenderer. 1/ Question 1: Should the projects presented as evidence fall within the past 5 years (as of submission date) or should the sum of the projects’ period of implementation amount to a total of 5 years? 2/ Question 2: Are projects currently under implementation eligible as references? 3/ Question 3: In the case of a positive answer to Question 2, should the minimum value for the project be interpreted as the overall budget of the project or the budget already spent on the project (as of submission date)? 4/ Question 4: Criterion A1 mentions ‘project of an event’. Does this requirement applies for projects organizing series of events, or to an specific event within the project? Thank you in advance for your answer and collaboration.
1) Projects listed as evidence under criteria A1 should have been carried out within the past 5 years as of submission date. 2) No. Projects must be over as of date of submission. 3) N/A 4) For criteria A1, the evidences required are 5 different and separated projects each one covering the specificities as indicated on. P 18.