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Cooperative Intelligent Transport System EU Root Certification Authority includi...
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European Commission, Joint Research Centre - Ispra (JRC-IPR)
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Clarification of operating restrictions, if any
Notwithstanding the JRC's draft Contract Section I.9.2 as it pertains to contractor processing of personal data, for non-personal data process by the CA, is there any stipulation that such data be processed, or sensitive CA keys be held within data centres located with the territory of the European Union and the European Economic Area? Or more simply, would the JRC accept CA operations in data centres in some other territory? And if not, as it pertains to the UK in particular, were the UK to leave the European Union, would any consideration be given to allow for UK hosted data centres?
Regarding the question on territory of data processing, please refer to Annex I - Part 2 Technical Specifications, page 9. Regarding the United Kingdom, please refer to Annex I to the Contract - Part 1: Administrative Annex, page 3: "For tenderers established in the United Kingdom: Please be aware that after the UK's withdrawal from the EU, the rules of access to EU procurement procedures of economic operators established in third countries will apply to tenderers from the UK depending on the terms of the Withdrawal Agreement. In case such access is not provided by legal provisions in force tenderers from the UK could be rejected from the procurement procedure."