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Data dissemination/access
What is the expected number of users and/or volume of service use for the “Data dissemination/access” part? We understand that modern solutions should be scalable and ready to accommodate various user volumes but it is important to have a rough, order of magnitude, estimate on the use so that we can properly assess the complexity of the design (solution for hundreds of users is different than the one for millions of users, which can happen with free data access). We would specifically be interested in: -expected number of monthly users using “Interactive web map service” -expected number of monthly users using “Machine to Machine access” -expected number of requests for “Machine to Machine access”
Copernicus land service currently counts nearly 40.000 registered users. Out of these, somewhat more than 3.000 do active data access and download. That said, the nature of HR VPP products and the expected type of applications are not comparable with the 3-yearly or 6-yearly update cycles of mapping products in the current CLMS portfolio. It is expected, that HR VPP will open the doors to a new type of Copernicus users, and thus the number of active users is expected to grow. Furthermore, the continuous HR VPP data flow pared with the m2m type of access may generate many thousands or even hundreds of thousands of daily I/O intensive m2m queries. The envisaged system shall be scalable and capable of serving many m2m requests.