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Provision of Editorial Services in English, French and German
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European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA)
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Easy-to-read publications
Dear all, from the information given in the Tender Specifications it is not entirely clear, who will bear the costs for high quality pictures included in easy-to-read publications. It is nearly impossible to calculate this in advance, since the price for pictures depends on various non forseeable aspects such as licence costs and the amount of pictures included. Therefore, we assume that the price per page for creating easy-to-read documents as requested in the financial offer does not inlcude pictures, illustrations etc. Could you please let us know, if this is correct? Or provide more information on what the price per page should include? Thank you very much in advance!
Contractors will need to source high-quality images for easy-read documents themselves; costs should be included in their offer. Bidders have various possibilities. For example, they can base their price offers on subscriptions for photo databases, or they can base their price estimates on cooperation (e.g. partnership, subcontracting) with organisations that produce easy-read documents.