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Simplified Financial Statement (Annex 3) in joint consortium
In a joint consortium, where the lead member fulfills the requirements stated in section would be enough to provide the Annex 3 and the evidence only from the lead member? In case the answer is NO, which are the options for a member that is a Public Body, and unable to present such information (Annex 3 and evidence), to prove their economic and financial capacity?
All members of a consortium must complete, sign and submit a simplified Financial Statement in accordance with the template provided in Annex 3 to the tender specifications. Some consortium members – such as public bodies - may have to provide clarifications to support their Financial Statement. This can be done in a separate note to be submitted as part of the tender. In our experience, most tenderers, including public bodies, are capable of providing balance sheets. However, should this option not be available, tenderers should submit appropriate statements from banks or evidence of professional risk indemnity insurance.