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European Commission, Joint Research Centre - Ispra (JRC-IPR)
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Tender Specification Compliance
With respect to tender compliance described in Annex 1, Part 1, section 2.4, can the JRC clarify whether a non-compliant price proposal would be one exceeding the JRC’s proposed budget in any single phase, or if non-compliance limit applies to the estimated maximum total contract value described in section 2.6?
The maximum total contract value is as described in point 2.6 in the Administrative Annex. Thus, price proposal exceeding the maximum envisaged amount per phase/WKP may be considered non-compliant as indicated at point 2.4, more specifically, a price proposed exceeding the amount for the Phase 1 (composed by workpackages: WPK1, WPK2 and WPK3) which is estimated to a maximum of EUR 1 200 000, and a price exceeding the amount for the Phase 2 which is estimated to a maximum of EUR 5 200 000.