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Framework Contract – Technical and Logistical Support to the Activities of the D...
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European Commission, DG Migration and Home Affairs (HOME)
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we believe it is not possible to have a local network of own or identified providers in each EU country and outside the EU. We believe that the event coordinator having contact with the client and with the participants has to attend the event and be present on site for each event organised in this contract. We therefore would like to clarify if costs of accommodation and travel for the event coordinator are covered or not by the management fee. For contractor oustide Brussels for events located in Brussels it should be possible to include costs of accommodation and travel in the management fee for events in Brussels. for the three management fees, please confirm we can included these costs. Please confirm if yes or not these costs have to be included and are covered in the management fee in order to have equal treatment to all. thank you.
If the Contracting authority requests the presence of the event coordinator or any other profile as defined in the price list under complementary activities, the Commission will reimburse the cost for travel and accommodation upon prior written approval and provision of the supporting documents (invoice of hotel and travel). Please refer to the draft Framework contract, Article I.5.3, to Article II.22 of the General conditions and to Annex VI and VII of the mission guide. The corrigendum of the FWC will follow.