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Cost of Translation of content
Referring to section, sub-section 5. Translation of content, page 32 of the tender specification, We would appreciate if you could clarify the following issue: Could you kindly confirm if the Contractor must cover the cost for the translation of the content generated by the contractor?
We confirm that the contractor must cover the costs of translation of the content it generates. However, please note that the contractor will be assisted by the NSSs in this translation task. Where the translation is done by the NSSs, the contractor will need to coordinate it. As a result, the costs of translation of the content generated by the contractor may relate to either of the following tasks: 1) coordination of the translation by the NSSs; or 2) provision of the translation by the contractor itself. In either case, the contractor remains responsible for the translation of its content and the aforementioned costs must be included in the financial offer.