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New Mobility Patterns in European Cities
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European Commission, DG Mobility and Transport (MOVE)
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Sample size
Our understanding regarding the sample size for urban logistics survey is that either we choose to collect the activity of at least 100 vehicles for a reference week (7 days) in each selected city either we choose collect the activity of 700 vehicles for a reference day (1 day). Correct?
Dear Madam/Sir, The contractor shall collect the activity of at least 100 vehicles over a reference week (7 days) in each selected city, by interviewing a variety of logistics operators in each Member State (at least 10). In case it is not possible to follow the 100 vehicles over the week, the minimum sample size shall be 700 for each city, for each particular day of the week. However, the contractor should propose a sample size to properly reflect the activity of light and heavy goods vehicles and the NACE rev. 2 composition of the logistics operator in urban freight, taking into account the desired precision of results (in terms of margin of error), a confidence level of 95% for the main indicators of the survey (indicated in sub-task B.2.5) and the sampling method. The chosen sample size should be proposed by the tenderer in their offer, to be discussed with and approved by the Contracting Authority at the inception of the work. Many thanks, Best regards