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European Commission, Joint Research Centre - Ispra (JRC-IPR)
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2.2. Scalability requirements
In document "EN-05 Annex I Part 2 Technical Specifications", chapter "2.2. Scalability requirements", the following is stated regarding the operation of the service in Phase 2: the contractor shall be able to supply a scalable service, at least being able to support the following requirements as a minimum: the EU root CA shall be able to enrol at least the internal AA and EA, as well as a minimum of twenty external EAs and twenty external AAs. In document "N-04 Financial offer Evaluation table.xlsx", sheet "Evaluation Table", however, the amount of external EAs and external AAs is 21 for both. Can you confirm that document "N-04 Financial offer Evaluation table.xlsx" can stay as is ? Or does the amount for external EAs and external AAs need to be changed ?
For the purpose of Phase 2 in the evaluation table, the number of 21 is only indicative to provide an estimate of the cost of the single AAs/EAs. There is no direct relation to the minimum requirements listed in Annex I Part 2 Technical Specifications.