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Service Framework Contract for the Provision of ‘Safe Autonomous Flight Terminat...
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European Defence Agency (EDA)
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Possibility to add partners in case second specific contract is opened for submission
In case that a consortium is awarded for the first specific contract, and after there is a possibility to apply for the second specific contract, is it possible to add partners in the proposal for the second specific contract that are not part of the original consortium? This is due to the fact that some of the activities of both specific contracts are different and it could be interesting to add a partner for example for the flying demonstration activities that are totally decoupled from the first specific contract activities.
In case the preferred legal form chosen by the tenderer is a “consortium” (joint liability for the implementation of the framework contract) all consortium members must be identified at the level of the tender and annex 4.3 “Power of attorney” provided to this effect. Additionally, please note section 3.5.3 “selection criteria” refers to the full duration of the framework contract and tenderers must comply with the minimum capacity levels referred to in this section as from the submission of the tender.