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Cooperative Intelligent Transport System EU Root Certification Authority includi...
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European Commission, Joint Research Centre - Ispra (JRC-IPR)
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Re-question to #15
a) We can not find any concrete requirements for the service availability except in [1] 6.5. (334). Could you please specify the "estimated traffic"? b) What operating times are required (e.g. 7/24, 5/8)? c) What are the response and failure correction times? d) How many downtime of the service is allowed to update the productive IT environment?
Ad a) Apart from 6.5, the business continuity requirements will be defined by the contractor in the CPS. See [1] 5.7.1, “Incident, Compromise and Business continuity are covered in the CPS, which may also rely upon other enterprise resources and plans for implementation”. Ad b) + d) The operating times are defined on the basis of the Timing requirements defined in the CP [1] as in section 4.2.3. Note that in some cases, the maximum time limit must be defined in the CPS (see for example Ad c) The response times for functional requests are specified in section 4.2.3 (see answers to point b above). Additional requirements for response and failure correction times are defined in 5.7.2 “The corruption of computing resources, software and/or data shall be reported to the root CA within 24 hours for the highest levels of risk. All other events must be included in the periodic report of the root CA, EAs and AA.”