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Commiment letter and free-lancers
The commitment letter by an identified subcontractor (Annex 5.2) presumes that the person providing for this letter has the legal capacity to act on behalf of a company. What if he/she is a self-employed persons working for the contractor without being part of a company (i.e. freelance individual expert)? Can he/she provide the commitment letter without mentioning any company?
As apparent from Section 2.12 of the tender specifications ('Signature policy: how can documents be signed?') where a document must be signed pursuant to the tender specifications, the latter must be signed by a person legally entitled to commit the signatory, namely by the signatory him/herself when he/she is a natural person, or by a duly authorised representative when the signatory is a legal person. Provided that the requirements of Section 2.12 are complied with, the annexes 5.1 and 5.2 may be adapted in order to reflect accurately the legal and factual situation in relation to the signatory of relevant annex. Any such adaptation must however not alter the provisions and the wording of the aforementioned annexes which pertain to the commitment itself.