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European Commission, DG Migration and Home Affairs (HOME)
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chairs - case study 3
flat rate of EUR 15 000 is without technical Equipment. 400 chairs are requested. chairs are furniture and not technical Equipment do we have to assume that the flat rate of EUR 15 000 includes prices of the 400 chairs or not? Please advise to make sure we adapt correclty the detailed budget
The flat rate of 15 000 EUR does not include the price of the 400 chairs. The bidder shall include the price for 400 chairs with integrated desk according to the price list. The case studies are fictive scenarios and aimed at comparing the offers. During the implementation of the framework contract, if a room is already equipped with the furniture, the price of the chairs or any other furniture as listed in the price list will not be applied. The price of the chairs and other furniture will only be applied in case a room must be fitted out.