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Cooperative Intelligent Transport System EU Root Certification Authority includi...
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European Commission, Joint Research Centre - Ispra (JRC-IPR)
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Question details
We ask you to confirm that, in the case of subcontracting: - indication of the triad of subcontractors is not required, - the indication of the data of the only economic operator whom we intend to subcontract is required - an indication of the activities to be subcontracted and the relative percentage is required, - subcontracting is allowed up to 40% of the contract amount, - the production of documents / declarations by the subcontractor is not required in the tender phase, - the subcontractor is not required to possess tender requirements.
We kindly ask you to read the document Annex I - Part 1 Administrative annex for further details. In particular point 1.3.2. Subcontracting and point 3. 'Structure and content of the tender'. Therefore, as indicated in point 1.3.2. subcontracting should be indicated in the offer if the bidder relies to satisfy the selection criteria or if the individual quota of the subcontractor is over 20%. The documents that must be completed and provided by the subcontractors together with the tender are indicated in points 3.1. and 3.2.