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Trans-European Services for Telematics between Administrations (TESTA)
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European Commission, DG Informatics (DIGIT)
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Security clereance
Based on our Country regulation the security clearance certifications are a sensitive and confidential information which cannot be disclosed. May we produce as evidence of this criterion compliancy a self-declaration signed by our Company’s representative?
The Contracting Authority does not confirm your understanding. A self-declaration signed by a company’s representative is in principle NOT sufficient to prove that the company meets this minimum capacity requirement, i.e. that it has a minimum number of identifiable security clearance certified personnel, with proof of the relevant certification. Please refer to the answer to question 19 as well. If, for any valid reason, an economic operator is unable to provide the requested supporting evidence, it must provide the reason and justification why this is the case together with any supporting document(s), which the Contracting authority will then assess. The Contracting Authority also refers to the penultimate section of the Invitation to tender on data protection and to Section 4.4 of the main Tender specifications document on the confidentiality of tenders: information received by the Contracting authority will be treated and processed according to the applicable rules. The Contracting Authority underlines the fact that the ongoing procedure concerns the award of a framework contract of which the foundation and cornerstone is the security aspect. In this respect and given the fact that selected candidates will have access to highly sensitive information, abstract declarations on meeting security requirements are by definition not sufficient.