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Design and Installation of a Photovoltaic Array and Ancillary Equipment for New ...
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Council of the European Union
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Clarity in your photos uploaded
The dimension which you have stated in the file "EN-Total+roof+area+m2” can not be seen at all. Can you please make it clear just like you did for photo number 2, which you have written by marker?
It is planned to install solar panels on the surface of the roof: • Not including overhangs: 370 m² (approximately). It is therefore on these 370 m² of roof that the solar panels will be installed, • Including overhangs: 435 m². In addition, tenderers should keep in mind that the containers that make up the building are 20 ft standard containers and the measure of the corridor that separates the two rows of containers is approximately two (2) meters. It is also recalled that according to point 1.1 (Familiarization with the Site): “The Contractor will be deemed to have examined the site to ascertain the extent of the alterations required to the building to facilitate the PV installation, the conditions under which the works will be undertaken and the nature of the structure being worked upon”.