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Cooperative Intelligent Transport System EU Root Certification Authority includi...
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European Commission, Joint Research Centre - Ispra (JRC-IPR)
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Insurance Question - EU Policy cellar_9a2fe08f-4580-11e9-a8ed-01aa75ed71a1.0005.02_DOC_4 - (377)
Within the document it is not clear whether the insurance coverage required in paragraph 9.2 (377) - Financial Coverage. Specific coverage is explicitly connected to the services related to the CA Root, EA, AA activity or if general insurance coverage is sufficient?
Article II.6.2. of the draft contract recites as follows: ' If required by the relevant applicable legislation, the contractor must take out an insurance policy against risks and damage or loss relating to the performance of the contract. It must also take out supplementary insurance as reasonably required by standard practice in the industry. Upon request, the contractor must provide evidence of insurance coverage to the contracting authority.' The insurance coverage referred to in the question (Commission Delegated Regulation C(2019)1789, Annex III, Chapter 9.2, Point (377)) constitutes such 'relevant applicable legislation' referred to in the first phrase. The contractor(s) will therefore have to be insured accordingly with reference to the contractual object according to the indications in Commission Delegated Regulation C(2019)1789, Annex III, Chapter 9.2, Point (377) and also fulfil the obligation of supplementary insurance 'as reasonably required'. This obligation falls on each member of a grouping having presented a joint offer, should they be awarded the contract.