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Cleaning, Waste Management and other Related Services
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European Medicines Agency (EMA)
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Is there more detailed information such as total square meters offices, traffic area, toilets, stairways, meetingrooms etc. Are there buildingplans such as Annex 5 from each floor so we can measure the square meters.
Tenderers should note that the EMA building is still a construction site. However, the Agency is able to provide the below measurements at this point in time for tenderers’ reference. Tenderers shall note that these measures are indicative only and not binding on the Agency. • Floor 19: standard offices + coffee bar: surface 958 m2 offices + 400 m2for other functions; • Floor 5 to 18: standard offices floors: surface 1,350 – 1,435 m2 + bathrooms 18.5 m2; • Floor 4: lounge, coffee bar, workings stations: surface 850 m2 offices + 850 m2 other functions + bathrooms 18.5 m2; • Floor 2: restaurant, conference room, meeting rooms: surface 2,996 m2 + bathrooms 49 m2; • Floor 1: conference centre: surface 2,620 m2 + bathrooms 49 m2 • Ground b: mezzanine, bicycle parking, changing rooms, showers: surface 778 m2 + bathrooms 21.1 m2; • Ground floor: reception, meeting rooms, lounge, bicycle parking, loading bay: surface 2,520 m2 + bathrooms 26.2 m2; • Staircases (2 per floor): 18.7 m2 each; Please also note that Annex V pertains to Subcontractors, and no floor plans have been published for security reasons.