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Services Related to the Enhancement of the Erasmus+ App
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European Commission, DG Education,Youth, Sport and Culture (EAC)
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¿Es el menú la única parte que debe estar disponible en las lenguas oficiales de los países que participan en el programa? o ¿toda la información, incluido el cuerpo, debe estar disponible en todos los idiomas de dichos países?
Thank you for your question regarding translation of content. • As outlined in the Use Cases, users should be able to view all texts related to the navigation and use of the app (eg, buttons, menus, etc) in all of the official languages of the Erasmus+ Programme and Partner countries. • Users should also be able to view content in all of the official languages of the Erasmus+ Programme and Partner countries. For centrally produced content (ie, content produced by the European Commission or the contractor), this should always be the case. For content produced locally, (eg, by universities or student unions) the content should be in the official language of that country, plus English or a widely spoken official language of another Erasmus+ programme country. Translation of the centrally produced content, plus the navigation texts, can be carried out by the European Commission. Translation of locally produced content will have to carried out by those that produce the content. To clarify the responsibilities around translations: • The contractor will be responsible for defining which content needs to be translated centrally, and agreeing this with the Commission. • To ease the translation process, the contractor will be responsible for providing this content in English, edited to a high standard by someone highly proficient in the language, and in a format acceptable to the Commission (usually XML). • The Commission will be responsible for returning translations back to the contractor in the same format (XML), as separate language files for each content item that was translated. (ie, the original content item will be returned accompanied by one separate XML file for each language.) • The contractor will be responsible uploading each separate language version of the content to the system, and for verifying that the content has been correctly uploaded.