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Cleaning, Waste Management and other Related Services
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European Medicines Agency (EMA)
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Technical specifications for open invitation to tender Par. 15.1 - references
Is our assumption correct that not all services have to be performed at one single client? E.g. tenderers may provide a reference where they provide cleaning, window cleaning, sanitary supplies, pest control and winter services, and another reference where they provide waste management? In case tenderer provides separate reference for waste management, does tenderer need to provide 3 references for this service as well? Or can we provide 3 references in total, 1 being related to waste management?
It shall be noted that, in case the cleaning services and the waste management are provided to different clients, the tenderers must provide three references for the cleaning services and three references for the waste management services, to prove experience in all the services required.
Yes, the assumption is correct. Not all services must have been provided for one single client. Please also see technical specifications section 15.1 requirements for technical and professional capacity (point 5): ”The cleaning services and waste management services may thereby have been provided to different clients.”