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Cleaning, Waste Management and other Related Services
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European Medicines Agency (EMA)
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Nederlands (nl)
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Annex XVI
According to the Scoring Criteria for complaints, receiving 1 complaint per month will result in a score of 3 points for this KPI. Since the KPI has a weighting of 3, receiving a single complaint will lose the contractor 6 Service Level Points in total, effectively resulting in a penalty of 10% of the monthly fixed price for regular cleaning of periodical deep cleanings. We propose that complaints will only effect the Service Level if they are proven to be well-grounded. Do you accept this proposal?
Complaints as described in the SLA Annex XVI are considered those that result from failing to meet the requirements listed in the technical specifications. The means to monitor the quality of services is through audits as described in point c) of section 3.1.1 of the technical specifications: c) Audits The contractor is responsible for the quality check of the cleaning activities. The Agency might request that monthly checks are conducted to ensure that the Service Level Agreement (SLA) is maintained. Complaints shall be supported with evidence where possible.