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Framework Service Contract for the Copernicus Land Monitoring Services – CLC+ Ba...
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European Environment Agency (EEA)
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Eligibility to participate in tender
The exclusion criteria do not state any exclusion of EAGLE group members. Can you please clarify whether an EAGLE group member is eligible in case s/he was not involved in writing the specifications - Annex 7 (Technical specifications for implementation of a new land-monitoring concept based on EAGLE).
It is not possible at this stage to give a definite answer. The decision of whether to reject a tenderer from the award procedure due to prior involvement in the preparation of procurement documents is a decision to be taken by the EEA authorising officer (AO) for this call for tenders (CfT) (Art 141(1)(c) of the Financial Regulation (EU, Euratom) 2018/1046). However, focusing on certain sections in the Tender Specifications (TS) as well as the background of CLC+ and the Eionet EAGLE group (EG) may shed some light on the issue. The subject of the present CfT is the production of CLC+ Backbone, which is the first component in the deployment of the CLC+ suite of products and services. The CLC+ suite of products is based on a concept and data model developed by the EG, through past, current and upcoming service contracts awarded to the EG by the EEA. Although the composition of the EG is not static, but has differed slightly in the context of each contract with the EEA, and although the implementation of the sub-tasks has been spread among the EG members, the AO may find that any EG member participating in this CfT, irrespective of whether (s)he has been involved in drafting the technical specifications in Annex 7 of the TS or some other part of the CLC+ concept, must be rejected from the award procedure due to prior involvement in the discussion related to the content of the TS. Before reaching any findings, it is likely to be taken into consideration by the AO, that the CLC+ concept, data model and terminology all stems from the EG, that the CLC+ concept is expected to provide the basis with which to cope with challenges in requirements to Land Cover and Land Use (LC/LU) information for the coming 10 to 15 years, that the CLC+ work in the EG is on-going, and that the EG during implementation of the contract for this CfT will be tasked with making sure that the CLC+ Backbone product is in conformity with the EAGLE model (section 1.4.1. of the TS).