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Cleaning, Waste Management and other Related Services
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European Medicines Agency (EMA)
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Technical specifications for open invitation to tender Par. 3.1.5 Waste Management
To calculate the number of hours required for waste collection, the following information is required: • Number of waste collection stations; • Indication of distances to be covered per floor or per day: • Are waste bins for paper towels in the sanitary units included? How many of these waste bins will be fitted; • Will there be a service elevator in your building; • Are our employees allowed to use the regular elevators; • Are there any narrow doors that are difficult to pass for our waste collection employees; • An indication of the number of congresses per year. Can you provide us with this information?
Please note that the EMA building is still a construction site, and the Agency does not have at its disposal the final specifications regarding the requested points. Tenderers shall note that the information below is indicative only and not binding on the Agency. - Number of waste collection stations: 1 kitchenette and 1 printing room per floor = 2 waste collection points per floor. Please note that EMA might opt to add more collection points in the future. - Indication of distances to be covered per floor or per day: Could the economic operator clarify what is meant with this question? - Could the economic operator please clarify what is meant with ‘sanitary units’? - There will be a goods lift to service floors G to 3; regular elevators can be used to cover other floors. - The contractor’s employees will be allowed to use regular elevators if the goods lift is not available. - Width of doors affecting waste collection: On the office floors the narrowest doors are the toilet doors which are 90 cm wide. The narrowest doors/corridors in the lifts, lobbies and loading bay are 1.40 m. - Number of meetings: 488 reimbursed / external meetings are foreseen in 2020.