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Cleaning, Waste Management and other Related Services
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European Medicines Agency (EMA)
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Technical specifications for open invitation to tender Par. 9.5
The tender, including prices, must be valid for 6 months. Due to fluctuations on the waste market however it is impossible to predict prices for 2020 or any other year. Can you please which indexation method will be used for waste transportation (NEA index) and waste processing (tax on incineration)
As set out in Article I.5.2 (Price revision index) of the draft framework contract (Annex II to the Technical Specifications), price revision is determined by the formula set out in Article II.20 of the draft framework contract, and using the trend in the harmonised indices of consumer prices (HICP) published at under HICP (2015 = 100) - monthly data (index) (prc_hicp_midx). It shall be noted that, as set out in Article II.20 (Price revision) of the draft Contract, prices are fixed and not subject to revision during the first year of the Contract. The Agency confirms that Contractors will be allowed to request an adjustment of the price revision index also when the social, tax and/or waste legislation has indisputably changed. Please note that this does not automatically mean that the Agency would be obliged to approve such a request (such approval would depend on the prior assessment performed by the Agency). The review of such request will be subject to the conditions as mentioned in art. II.20. of the draft framework contract.