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Framework Service Contract for the Copernicus Land Monitoring Services – CLC+ Ba...
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European Environment Agency (EEA)
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Question details
60 page limit for the Technical Proposal
The Tender Specifications explicitly request that several aspects of the proposal, such as the internal validation, are described in detail, and furthermore highlight that the “mere repetition of mandatory requirements set out in the tender specifications and its technical annexes […] will only result in a low score”, whilst at the same time asking that the entire methodological approach, optimisation of calibration and harmonisation, portability and reuse of the processing system as well as the data quality of the test area are limited to overall 60 pages. Whilst we generally appreciate such page limitation in order to establish equal and comparable grounds for evaluation of all tenders, we have come to the conclusion that in the light of the sheer extent of mandatory requirements to be considered particularly for the CLC+, the 60 page limitation appears not feasible. We ask to reconsider whether this could be extended to about 90-100 pages.
The limit of maximum 60 DIN A4 pages for the technical offer is maintained. However, that should not prevent tenderers from adding annexes to elaborate on the technical offer. Such annexes should not contain any critical or key information (which should be included the technical offer) but should be limited to providing examples or exhaustive lists of parameters that are described in the key text in the technical offer. The technical offer plus annexes may not exceed a maximum of 100 DIN A4 pages.