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Scenario 2 – Objectives of the case study
The ITT states that: i) “bidders should propose an accelerated action plan to be executed in 24 months to ensure that EGNOS/Galileo signals and services are considered and adopted” and ii) “bidders should show how they can support DG GROW in promoting the uptake of EGNOS/Galileo in connected and autonomous road vehicles” The purpose of the support could therefore be: i) To propose an action plan and then support DG GROW in updating it based on developments, or ii) To support the implementation of such plan? What is the exact objective of the case study? i), ii), or other?
“The bidder must demonstrate how they can support DG Grow in promoting the uptake of Galileo and EGNOS by proposing an accelerated plan to be executed in 24 months and fulfilling the minimal components of such an action plan, listed on scenario 2, and in line with the requirements described in section 6.8 of the Terms of reference.”