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Assistance to the European Network of Infrastructure Managers (PRIME) in its Act...
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European Commission, DG Mobility and Transport (MOVE)
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Pag. 14, point Task 3.3 Organising events and administrative support
We understand that Domain 1 shall deal mainly with the work of PRIME subgroup on KPI and benchmarking while Domain 2 with the same subgroups plus others as deemed necessary by the topic of Thematic Studies to perform. Can you please clarify if in Task 3.3 the assistance to PRIME subgroups and their chairs as described is to be provided to all 5 existing PRIME Subgroups or only to those within the scope of Domain 1 and 2?
Thank you for the question. Assistance to PRIME subgroups, as referred to in Task 3.3, concerns only support in relation to tasks undertaken within the scope of Domains 1 and 2. As regards the scope of Domain 2, please note that in addition to 'deep dive' studies associated with KPI subgroup, other PRIME subgroups may also undertake analyses of certain topics relevant to infrastructure management (see the last sentence of section