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System Integrator for Communication and Information Systems Processing EU Classi...
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European Defence Agency (EDA)
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Question about the call for tender / RFP document.
Why does the tender not include the term or any reference to cross domain solutions (CDS) which are an essential element to designing classified networks?
General statement: The elements quoted in the call for tender are here to guide tenderers and help them understand our expectations but the architecture and design of the future systems are fully open and the respective work will be included in the specific contracts. The solutions mentioned in the Call for Tenders are indicative and do not limit the final selection of components in any way. Tenderers are free to use all or none of the listed components to elaborate their design. As said in the general comment, the implementation of a cross domain solutions can be envisaged, in particular in case of the planned EU Restricted system. Note that the EU Secret system should not be directly interconnected with another system with a different classification level. No exchange of data is foreseen with other systems at a different classification level. Nevertheless, a proper import-export mechanism should be implemented to allow, at least, the import of updates and signatures.