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Mandatory Technical Requirements-Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer
A triple quadrupole mass spectrometer is asked for, but in the technical requirements it is also stated "maintaing a mass accuracy of 1 ppm using internal standard", "mass accuracy must be better than 5 ppm in routine operation using an external calibration and better than 1 ppm using an internal standard" and Mass resolution of MS2 must be greater than 20,000". These requirements are not feasible with a triple quadrupole system but requre a High Resolution Mass Analyser as MS 2 (TOF, Orbitrap,...). So what instrument are you looking for: a High resolution Mass Spectrometer or a Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer?
Our need is for a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer; the technical specifications mentioned in the question above may indeed introduce a doubt and have therefore been modified to exclusively focus on triple quadrupole specifications as follows: "Linear dynamic range of peak areas must be better than 3 orders of magnitude when monitoring the most abundant ion. Mass assignment will be within ±0.1 Da over a 24 hour period. Mass resolution of MS1 and MS2 should be ±0.4 Da FWHM."