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Study on Sustainability Ratings and Research
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European Commission, DG for Internal Market, Industry,Entrepreneurshipand SMEs (...
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Selection criteria relating to tenderers
1. The first selection criterion refers to a minimum of 3 projects proving experience in the field of sustainability-related topics and securities markets. Does each of this project have to prove experience in both of these fields combined, or can they prove expertise in each of these fields all together? i.e. can a tenderer for example provide 2 references covering sustainability-related topics and 1 covering securities market? 2. Regarding the list of relevant services, it is mentioned that a certificate of satisfactory execution should accompany 'the most important one'. Could you please define 'important' (does it regard the value of the project, its relevance, or something else)? Thank you,
1. The 3 projects should touch upon sustainability-related products in the context of securities markets/financial services. 2. The ‘most important’ one should be based on a combination of value, relevance and recipient.