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Assistance to the European Network of Infrastructure Managers (PRIME) in its Act...
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European Commission, DG Mobility and Transport (MOVE)
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IT tool details
Dear Sir / Madam Is it possible to provide any more detail about the IT tool? For example, the computer language used to create it? Section of the tender specification says that the: "Technical status report of the current contract – will be provided to the winning tenderer." Could the Commission confirm whether this relates to the IT tool specifically, or something else? Many thanks
Thank you for your question. Technical development of the Web-tool is outside of the scope of this contract (see Section “The contractor is preparing use cases, and testing, while IT development is done by the Commission IT team.” Therefore, technical specifications of the IT system are not part of the tender documents. For the future contractor it is important to understand the functionalities of the tool (as reflected in the user manual attached to the tender documents), monitor user experience and log/follow up bugs. It should also define and prioritise the new development request, define use cases and guide the IT team via Scrum process (as described in section 1.3 – IT tool). The technical status report does not relate specifically or exclusively to the IT tool but covers the whole project. The scope of this report has been explained in section "At the end of the contract, the current contractor will draft a final technical status report summarising the state of play of the project, including the status of the database, KPI framework and IT tool. The status report provides an overview of the current status of each task, next stage development and actions required, ensuring continuity of the project in case the contractor changes.”