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Study on Sustainability Ratings and Research
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Relevance and breadth of the geographical and market coverage
Award Criteria, 1) Relevance and breadth of the geographical and market coverage: The minimum requirements for the geographical and market coverage stated in Tender specifications section 3.2.1 are the following: the proposed geographical coverage for investors, asset managers and corporate companies shall capture the diverse levels of development of markets across the EU, and cover at least 12 (twelve) EU Member States, with a geographical scope striking the balance between: a. Small and large EU Member States, b. Member States that have joined the European Union before the year 2004 and those that joined later. In addition, the perspective from one or several non-EU countries, where relevant, would be considered an advantage. Can you give examples of indicators on how you measure member state size?
The population of the member state should be considered to define the size.