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European Parliament, DG Translation
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Group of Economic operators establishment
In order to apply as a Group of Economic Operators, is it sufficient for the group members to sign a partner agreement for the purpose of this tender between themselves (an entity without legal personality by way of partnership), signed by the legal representatives of the members and indicating person of contact/group representative? Or does the agreement also need to be registered and signed by a notary for validation?
Please see, point 4 of the specifications. GROUPS OF ECONOMIC OPERATORS The group’s actual status should be established by any document or agreement signed by the legal representatives of the members of the group, which should be appended to the tender. Tenders from groups of economic operators must specify the role, qualifications and experience of each of the members of the group. The tender shall be submitted jointly by the economic operators, who shall also assume joint and several liability for the tender submission. Each member shall furnish proof of right of access to the contract (eligibility), as well as proof concerning compliance with the exclusion and selection criteria. With regard to the selection criteria, the European Parliament may rely on the capacity of the other members of the group in order to establish whether the tenderer will have the resources needed to perform the contract. In this case an undertaking shall be required from members stating that they will make available to the other members the resources needed to perform the contract. The group of economic operators shall provide proof of its legal form by the time the contract - if awarded to it - is signed.