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Pilot Project to Evaluate and Address the Presence of Lindane and Hexachlorocycl...
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European Commission, DG for Environment (ENV)
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English (en)
Question details
Refered to TS, Task 2 (Assist public authorities at local, regional or national level confronted with lindane and HCH issues and provide them expertise, advice and consultancy)
We notice that the requirement of submitting the Letters of Interest (for at least six different projects / cases), signed by local authorities, is difficult to organize in the relatively short time-span available, especially considering that the publication of the tender was during the summer holiday which in most EU countries lasts from 1 July - 31 August. As a result, many authorities and other relevant stakeholders could not be reached at an early stage. Formalization of the LoI’s requires a significant amount of time, as not only the authority has to agree but the type and level of need for advice also has to be inventoried from both the authority and/or the problem owner. HENCE, WE REQUEST TO EXTEND THE TENDER DEADLINE WITH 4 WEEKS.
The deadline for submission of the offers (one month after the summer holidays, more than two months in total) should allow enough time to discuss the projects/cases with the public authorities and to formalize the letters of intent. The deadline for submission will not be extended.