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Pilot Project to Evaluate and Address the Presence of Lindane and Hexachlorocycl...
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European Commission, DG for Environment (ENV)
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Related to TS, Page 21, Duration of the tasks
The project tasks 1 and 2 need to be completed in 24 months. In a logical sequence, six sites that need support would be identified after inventarisation and risk ranking/prioritization of all sites, However based on the time available it is our understanding that Task 1 and 2 need to be executed in parallel. Is it correct to assume that the list of six projects selected for phase 2 will not be adapted based on the outcome of Task 1, but is defined only in the project preparation phase?
Indeed, the duration of the contract of 24 months will probably require parallel and independent execution of tasks 1 and 2. The projects/cases will not be adapted based on the outcome of task 1 and have to be defined in the offer.