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SMEs' Needs Analysis in Public Procurement
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Work package 1 Group procedures
The Terms of Reference in Section 1.1.2 state that for Work Package 1, the contractor "should envisage a minimum of three group procedures [focus groups, hackathons, public hearings, etc] per Member State or per topic". In Section 5.2.3, the ToR states that Award Criterion 2.3 will assess the relevance and number of group methods. Could you please clarify whether what you are looking for is for the contractor to employ three different kinds of group-based procedures per country/topic (e.g. one focus group, one hackathon and one public hearing) or at least three separate instances of group based procedures per country/topic (e.g. three separate focus groups)?
The minimum requirement of three procedures refers to the number of instance. It can be only focus groups as it can be one focus group, one hackathon and one public hearing or other combinations of such methods. It is for the tenderer to choose the most relevant method or combination of methods. This choice will be assessed under the “relevance” part of the criterion.