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Framework Service Contract for the Copernicus Land Monitoring Services – CLC+ Ba...
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European Environment Agency (EEA)
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Question details
request for extension to the submission deadline
Following the reply to question 22, we would like to thank EEA for making the relevant datasets available, but considering the late availability of these data and to ensure that the results of the test area are fully in line with the envisaged workflow for the CLC+ production, we would greatly appreciate it if a short extension to the submission deadline could be granted.
The most recent uploading of VHR2018 data was done upon request in order to facilitate the work required from tenderers on test data. The VHR2018 data in question was already accessible through other open sources. In addition, when setting the deadline for submission, the fact that most economic entities would be closed for some weeks during July/August was taken into account. The deadline set, which is well above the minimum requirement, should have given tenderers ample time in which to prepare an offer. This, together with internal Agency planning as to when to have a contract in place, means your request for an extension of the submission deadline is not granted.