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Declaration on honour: VII – SELECTION CRITERIA
We understood from the answer to our previous question ("Declaration on honour: VII – SELECTION CRITERIA") that the coordinator of the tender must confirm compliance with all criteria with their partners and subcontractors. However, in the Tender specifications it is stated on p. 8 that "The tenderers (and each member of the group in case of joint tender) and subcontractors whose capacity is necessary to fulfil the selection criteria must provide the declaration on honour (see Annex 3), signed and dated by an authorised representative, stating that they fulfil the selection criteria applicable to them". Therefore we would specifically like to know for VII (5) (c) if a subcontractor would only confirm the experience criteria applicable to itself and chose n/a for the ones not applicable and even more importantly should confirm the team criteria (for which only one box is available) even though the subcontractor by itself does only provide part of the required profiles (e.g.: expert in data collection but not project manager which is provided by the sole tenderer or leader in a joint tender).
Yes, for part VII (5)(c), where there is a box for each required experience separately, subcontractors or other partners can tick only the box for the experience they cover. For the part on the profiles for which there is only one box to tick, subcontractors or other partners can tick "yes" even if they only cover one of the profiles mentioned (if they want, they can highlight the profile they are covering or delete the ones that are not relevant). It is up to the coordinator to make sure all profiles are covered which should be clear from the tender and the CVs provided.