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Live Speech to Text and Machine Translation Tool for 24 Languages
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European Parliament, DG Translation
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English (en)
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Usage of Google Cloud based solution
Dear team, we strongly believe in Google Cloud Platform being currently the best fit for your particular needs. Our plan is to build a tailor-made cloud-based SaaS solution to cover all aspects of your demand. We propose to deploy the solution on Google's industry-leading cloud infrastructure and use Google's state-of-the-art speech transcription and translation technology to deliver uncompromising results. As part of this tender we will provide this solution in flat fee mode (Google API calls included in this flat fee). After the expiration of the initial contract, however, we will need to enter into a separate contract with the European Parliament for further maintenance, support and infrastructure costs. Q: May we consider the usage of Google Cloud Platform (and Google Speech APIs in particular, as they deliver the core functionality of the service) as part of the maintenance/infrastructure cost under the terms of the tender?
The technical solutions proposed by the tenderer should meet the requirements as defined in the Technical Specification document (see Annex VII of the specifications). The requirements related to cloud services are detailed more specifically under point 3.7 (Technical setup, hosting and integration with existing IT environment). The technical solutions proposed and the financial offers will be evaluated during the award procedure.