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Study on Sustainability Ratings and Research
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European Commission, DG for Internal Market, Industry,Entrepreneurshipand SMEs (...
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Requirement to submit 'Certificates of satisfactory execution'
The Call for Tenders repeatedly asks that "Evidence to be provided together with the Tender" is accompanied by 'certificates of satisfactory execution. But then the penultimate paragraph of 2.3 states that "The successful tenderer shall provide within a time limit set by the contracting authority and preceding the signature of the contract, the evidence mentioned above in relation to the selection criteria." This suggests that the evidence only need to be supplied by the successful tenderers. We are currently gathering this evidence and want to advise our former clients whether this is required by the time our tender is submitted or whether it will be required if our tender is successful. Many thanks.
The paragraph you mention should indeed have been deleted. We refer to what has been mentioned at the beginning of section 2.3 : "If not requested together with the tender, the successful tenderer will be required, after the contract award, to provide the evidence mentioned below before signature of the contract and within a deadline given by the contracting authority" and what is mentioned for each selection criterion "Evidence (to be provided together with the tender)". We hereby confirm that the certificates of satisfactory execution have to be provided together with the tender.