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Organisation of Training for SMEs on Consumer Rights
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European Commission, DG Justice and Consumers (JUST)
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English (en)
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Activities required for task II 'Training modules and support materials'
On page 11 of the tender specifications, it states: -Develop and test online training modules from the offline material (current PDF files). These must be provided in the language of the target country and additionally in English. -make the modules available in an easy-to-use manner to website visitors that want to use them for learning OUR QUESTIONS: What do you mean by “develop and test online training modules” ? -is it that you expect the current PDF files to be tested and eventually improved/developed under a different format? if so, according to which criteria should they be tested? -Is it rather that due to the content update that needs to be done based on new applicable legislation (or due to the new modules that may be required for instance on sustainable consumption) these updates/new material should be reflected online? -Could you please specify what you consider by “make the modules available in an easy-to-use manner to website visitors”, if this differs from the current way to make them downloadable ?
The quoted text does not imply a requirement to provide the modules in a specific format or by a specific method. The tenderer may choose any format and publication method that fulfils the purposes of the material as described in the tender specifications, including the learning with the help of the material without participating in a classroom training, and that makes the modules available in an easy-to-use manner to website visitors. The testing should be done in order to ensure that the modules (existing, updated and newly created) fulfil the requirements of the project in content and format.