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The deadline for receipt of tenders is extended by two weeks. The new deadline is 21/10/2019 at 23:59h (CET).
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Cotonou Agreement
In the SCC reference is made to Annex VI,  Article 31 of the Cotonou Agreement signed, by all ACP states on 23 June 2000 (tax and customs arrangements) to come into law. Has Article 31 of the Cotonou Agreement regarding tax and customs arrangements been implemented into the tax legislation of Malawi? If yes, please advise us how.
Cotonou Agreement is a treaty between the European Union and the ACP countries. Malawi is one of the ACP countries. According to the provisions of the Terms of reference, "the Consultant might be exempt from direct and indirect taxes in Malawi as a result of this project financed through EC funds. The Consultant should verify that this tax exemption applies to their activities with the Government of Malawi."