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Technical and Operational Services for the CISE Project
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European Maritime Safety Agency
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Issue Tracking Tool
EN-Annex B.02 Tender Specifications “REQ_27. The Incident Handling Procedures (IHP) are used to address incidents. The contractor is in charge to create, update or delete existing or new IHP. The Project Management Officer shall agree about these changes. These procedures shall be drafted on wiki-based tool. EMSA is in charge to provide the tool for implementing this requirement. In principle, the majority of the issues reported monthly should be addressed through IHP.” Question: 1. We understand that the tool you refer to is not the issue tracking tool that should be used by the contractor for managing issues. Please confirm or clarify. 2. We understand that we are allowed to propose and provide the issue tracking tool of our preference. Please confirm or clarify. 3. If EMSA will provide the wiki-based tool and/or the issue tracking tool, please inform us which tools EMSA plans to provide.
1. It refers to the tool from implementing the IHP procedure which is wiki-based. 2. The contractor is not expected to propose and provide a tool for issue tracking. EMSA is in charge to provide this tool to the contractor. 3. Information about the tools will be provided during the Kick-Off meeting.