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Technical and Operational Services for the CISE Project
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European Maritime Safety Agency
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Effort estimation for software maintenance
EN-Annex B.02 Tender Specifications “REQ_35. In order to estimate the effort and competences required to provide this service the tenderers should consider the documentation included in the Appendices of these Tender Specifications.” and “REQ_38. The contractor can be requested to implement maximum 4 “standard” releases per year within the duration of this FWC and however no more than 1 in 3 months. A standard release is defined when all the changes to be implemented are classified as “standard” issues, in case a release contains 1 or more issues classified as “critical” or “urgent”, a release is classified as “severe”. An unforeseeable number of “severe” releases shall be implemented.” Question: In order to be able to accurately estimate the effort required for the maintenance of the system, we kindly ask you to provide us with: • A history of the bugs that occurred after the system went live. • The number of “severe” releases implemented after the system went live. • The number of bugs that are open right now. Please provide the descriptions of these bugs.
EUCISE2020 has developed a pre-operational network connecting ten national nodes, and eighteen national legacy systems exchanging unclassified maritime information for six months (pre-validation). From the technical point of view this exercise demonstrated the feasibility of the solution designed, however from the operational point of view this cannot be used to estimate the effort required for the maintenance of the system.