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Potentials and Levels for the Electrification of Space Heating in Buildings
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European Commission, DG Energy (ENER)
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Bidder questions
1) Should the „common baseline scenario“ be one scenario for all tasks 1-3, or should there be a different baseline for Task 1, 2 and 3? Should this baseline scenario be target-leading by 2050, or rather a business-as-usual scenario that does not necessarily be target compliant? And should all other scenarios (including the variants) reach the energy and climate targets 2030 and 2050? 2) If the scenarios should reach the energy and climate targets 2030 and 2050, can a hydrogen scenario include also direct electrification (heat pumps) and the other way around (use of hydrogen or methane in a direct electrification scenario)? 3) Regarding the cumulative team requirements: At least 5 people should deliver the requested services whereas 5 positions are clearly defined (B2, B3, B4, B5, B6). Some of the expert roles have quite a broad profile, therefore the question is whether it is acceptable to use two CVs per expert role to fulfill the predefined requirements. This also relates to B7 (language coverage).
1) The modelling of Tasks 1-3 is based on one common baseline scenario. This is a reference scenario, which reflects EU legislation and adopted policies. The other scenarios should be able to fulfil EU commitments under the Paris agreement. 2) The focus of each scenario is a specific decarbonisation option; however this can be combined with other decarbonisation options provided the focus of the analysis is not changed and the modelling is able to provide the outputs required under the tender specifications. 3) The tenderer can cover an expert role by more than one person, provided the expertise required under the tender specifications is ensured.