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ISDLS2 — External Service Provision for Development, Maintenance and Consultancy...
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European External Action Service (EEAS)
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Technical Tender
In Question 3.3 Annex 5 of technical specifications it is requested to specify the necessary technical infrastructure. It is our assumption that costs associated to technical infrastructure will need to be included in each specific contract. Can you please confirm? If the answer is no, can you specify the volumes we need to consider?
The award sub-criterion 3.3 requests to specify “How you will ensure that the technical infrastructure (hardware and software) needed for developments will be available for the execution of proximity and/or near-shore services”, meaning by what ways or means you make sure that the technical infrastructure will be available for proximity and/or near-shore services. The description of necessary infrastructure is not required. Costs associated to technical infrastructure shall not be included in each specific contract. Indeed, as stated in the Tender Specifications (in 6.3 Financial tender) "The prices for the tender must be tendered […] all inclusive. This means that, unless otherwise mentioned in these tender specifications, prices tendered for shall include all the costs to be incurred by the tenderers in order to fully implement the contract […]". “All inclusive” includes the technical infrastructure for proximity and/or near-shore services. The volume of Proximity or Near shore services is indicated in the Price scenario tab of the Annex 7 - Financial Tender - Unit price and price Scenario of the Technical Specifications.